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About us

in a few words… which is not an easy task

Leather Fancy Goods Establishment “Stefania” is one of the biggest manufacturers of leather fancy goods in Poland.

The company has been in the market Since 1992. The owners of the company are Stanisława and Andrzej Talbierz. The headquarters is located in Kalisz. The company employs over 100 employees.

Young, ambitious and highly qualified staff together with the experienced owners at the head know how to operate within a free-market economy.


is preeetty rich...

The manufacturing department is equipped with a modern machine park made in Italy, by means of which we manufacture approximately 8.000 – 10.000 products per month.

The sale of our products is executed through various distribution channels. A vast majority of our products are exported to countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, or even to the United Arab Emirates. We offer over 1.000 products that can be made in 100 different colours of leather.

For our regular customers, we can prepare leather in the pantone colour selected by them. Wallets, briefcases, handbags, business cards holders, cases, organizers and other products follow the latest fashion trends and are adjusted to the needs of our customers. Our offer is a never-ending list. We also offer custom-made products.

Stefania’s flagship product line includes wallets with Swarovski crystals. All the aforementioned products have certificates confirming the authenticity of used crystals.

Lead time

the lead time is very short...

The standard lead time for orders in our company is 14 days.

However, according to the saying that “time is money”, we are flexible and make efforts to meet our customers’ expectations by adjusting to required deadlines.


is our trademark

All our products are always made of the best quality leather and leather-like materials. We set high-quality requirements for our suppliers.

We are not afraid of challenges, there are no barriers for us that we would not overcome, it is for our customers that we combine tradition with modern trends. In our actions we have always followed one principle:

Our Customer must always be satisfied!


i.e. those who value us...

In 2007, the Swarovski company awarded our model of wallet with Swarovski crystals with a distinction and presented it at the exhibition in Louvre, Paris, next to the world-famous brands such as Hugo Boss or Escada.

We are a member of PIAP (Polish Chamber of Promotional Products). Since 2003, we have been a member of the International Program “Reliable in Business”. Furthermore, we also belong to the Polish Chamber of Leather Business” which has its main Office in Radom.

Below, you will find several awards and distinctions that we have received so far:

  • 2006 – a distinction at PSI Warsaw (International Fairs of Promotional Products) for a product: “A Manager’s briefcase”,
  • 2007 – special award at PSI Warsaw for the collection of wallets with Swarovski crystals,
  • 2007 – a distinction at the Remadays fairs for „the product of the year” "leather wallet",
  • 2008 and 2009 – The first place in a competition "Gifts of the Year" at the Remadays fairs,
  • 2010 – a distinction: TOP 10 "Recommendable" in the “2010 Advertisement Crowns” competition.